The Texpert collective

Textured hair styling is NOT a specialty — it’s a standard. The Texpert Collective is a Professional Platform and Educational Network formed to help diversify salon spaces, normalize textured hair styling as an industry staple, and fulfill a huge untapped demand for salons that cater to natural hair clients. Through workshops and training, the collective empowers stylists with the skills and tools needed to manage all things curls, coils, and waves.

Now more than ever, women around the world are embracing their natural texture, and while pop culture and hair care brands have reacted to this surge of empowerment through diverse representation and inclusion, that trend has yet to make its way into the professional styling world. One of the core reasons behind this issue is that textured hair styling techniques are rarely offered in traditional beauty school. Our mission is to educate salons and stylists through intensive and engaging courses on everything from hair extensions to curl definition to healthy hair regimens specific to textured hair.


Because so many consumers have a hard time finding salons that understand the complexities and variety of different hair textures, they rely on social media and DIY tutorials to help them maintain their hair. Thus, the salon industry misses out on a wide market of potential clients and the consumers miss out on proper hair care. Founded by a group of hair industry veterans, The Texpert Collective aims to reestablish the value of professional authority on cut, color, and styling textured hair.